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Meet Gráinne Courtis

Sound Therapist and Holistic Practitioner
Sound healer with a tibetan bowl on a client

During my stay, I was invited to a relaxation room. This room was dimly lit by candlelight to a backdrop of relaxing sounds. I didn’t think too much of it as I lay in the dark but as the sounds began to change to what I now know to be Tibetan Singing Bowls the chatter in my mind stopped. So much so that when I emerged after what I thought was 20 minutes I was told that I had been “out” for about 2 hours. I couldn’t understand what had just happened and spent the remaining part of the day in a quiet contemplative state. On returning home to more of the same internal and external chatter, I realised that I had just experienced a moment of real connection with myself that I normally wouldn't have paid attention to and decided that if I wanted to experience this powerful feeling again, I needed to know more.  So my journey began​.

Grainne Courtis.jpg

Hi. I'm Gráinne.

I discovered Sound Healing in 2012 whilst at a spa with my husband. I was utterly burnt out from working in the visual effects industry for nearly a decade and I was struggling with my health. Headaches were normal as was anxiety, worry and fatigue. I had a general sense of feeling unwell and exhausted all the time. I was always switched on and found it incredibly difficult to relax. 



In the years that I have been working with sound as a tool for health I have been blown away by how effective it is. From working with clients with chronic health conditions, to tired and busy mums wanting to switch off their busy minds, I have seen first hand how sound can release physical and emotional trauma in the  body and rebalance the nervous system. 

Sound healer using a zaphir chime during a sound bath


✧ Current: Vibrational Fascia Release Technique | NEHC Academy


✧ Integral Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) | The Sound Healing Academy 


✧ Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing: Multi-Instrument | The Sound Healing Academy 


✧ Foundations of Integral Sound Healing: Multi-Instrument | The Sound Healing Academy 

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