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Sound healing practitioner playing large crystal singing bowls

Online Sound Healing

Relax & Unwind From Wherever You Are

Bathe in the powerful sounds of an online sound healing session, no matter your location

 Virtual Sound Healing 

These online sound healing sessions allow you to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing sound bath from the comfort of your own home.


Just lie back with your headphones on and enjoy an hour where you can switch off and tune in to your body.


An incredibly positive way to help you let go of any stresses or anxieties you may be experiencing.

Black and white image with a woman playing sound healing instruments

What To Bring

A device (laptop, phone, tablet)

Yoga mat or
a blanket

Headphones or

Incense or 
essential oils

What People Say

Gráinne thank you so much - Sunday nights are the highlight of my week!  I’m usually still putting baby to bed at the same time so we lie down together, I feed her & she falls asleep :0)


Book an Online Sound Healing Session

Are you interested in joining the online sessions?

Then book your spot today, and join our virtual sound healing community!

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