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Sound healer with a tibetan bowl on a client

Private Sound Healing Sessions

Enjoy A Personalized Session

Tailored to your needs to recharge your energy - a deeply revitalising and relaxing treatment of soothing sounds.

The frequencies of the sound healing instruments are conducive to deep relaxation and healing. 

1-2-1 Sound Therapy

During the private sound healing sessions, various instruments are played around your body and can be played on the body with your consent. Fantastic for deep relaxation, inner peace, insomnia, anxiety, physical challenges, clarity of mind, respiratory problems, lifting depression, adrenal fatigue and more. Deeper levels of emotional, mental and physical stress can also be worked on in these sessions.

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1-2-1 Tuning Fork Therapy

This therapy involves using specific pitches, sounds, and vibrations to relieve stress, relieve pain, and bring about balance within the body.

Osteophonic Treatments (pictured) with Tuning Forks are excellent for restoring flexibility and movement in the articulations (joints), ligaments, fascia, pain management, muscle spasms, or circulation. Fantastic for those who suffer from tension headaches, and shoulder and neck pain.

This application can be combined with bowls for a functional but relaxing session.

The Benefits Of Private Sound Healing Sessions

✧ Resets the whole central nervous system

✧ Balances the body's energetic system

✧ Promotes healing to specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances

✧ Connects you with your own body and emotions on a deeper level

✧ Alleviates emotional blockages such as anxiety, grief, and depression

✧ Slows down the production of stress hormones

✧ Relieves sleep disorders, improves the quality of sleep, and reduces insomnia

✧ Invites a calm and clear mind, thus improving concentration & decision making

✧ Lowers blood pressure

✧ ... and much more

What People Say

I was able to relax almost immediately in every session, which surprised me. The techniques and instruments used are very effective in getting your mind to completely calm down and operate at a pace which is almost hypnotic. I learned a lot about the logic and science that sits behind sound therapy and I found that very valuable as well as fascinating.  


Book a Private Sound Healing Session

Would you like to experience ultimate relaxation and healing with the power of sound?

Then book your session today!

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