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Tibetan bowl with crystals

Holistic Sound Therapy Offerings 

Start Your Own Journey With Sound


Sound Therapy to help you find your calm.

Corporate Wellness

I work with you to create and implement a bespoke employee wellbeing workshop or programme.


This can be in person, virtual or a combination of both.

Topics I cover focus on stress, and anxiety and creating space in our day for calm.

Group and 1-2-1 programmes are available.

Sound healer surrounded by crystal singing bowls and candles
Sound healer doing a sound healing bath online

Online Sound Healing

Bring sound healing into your home by connecting with me virtually. These sessions can help feel calm, relaxed and ready for a great night sleeps. Inspire your creativity and reconnect with yourself after a busy day.

Private Sound Healing Sessions

During the private sound healing sessions, various instruments are played around your body and can be played on the body with your consent. Fantastic for deep relaxation, inner peace, insomnia, anxiety, physical challenges, clarity of mind, respiratory problems, lifting depression, adrenal fatigue and more. Deeper levels of emotional, mental and physical stress can also be worked on in these sessions.

Sound healer with a tibetan bowl on a client
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Sound Baths

This experience can be helpful for anyone who wants to access the benefits from meditation or a moment of relaxation. A sound bath is an opportunity to explore what a meditative state is and how it feels. The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, A Sound Bath experience is both uniquely personal and collaborative. Sound can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body. The sound of harmonic vibrations created by singing bowls, gongs and other overtone-emitting instruments are intended to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves. These waves are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states that are highly conducive to healing. Sound can also slow down the heart and respiratory rate, creating a therapeutic effect on the mind and body.

Discover more about holistic sound therapy and my sound healing sessions with a FREE discovery call, or book a session directly 

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